Poker Face lyrics: The One Where A King Gets His Hands Around A Bong

I was sitting at my table with my buddies.

It was raining, and my wife and I were both out of breath.

We decided to make a game of poker face.

What would happen if a king was about to put his hand up against my bong?

I think I told her that I didn’t think she’d get into it.

She was more than ready to take a shot.

And when the first shot was fired, she was ready to dive in.

I think it’s one of the most powerful words in poker: “You gotta hit me!”

It’s a powerful metaphor for the game, and for the human condition.

I can imagine how it must feel when someone puts up a poker face and the other guy thinks they can get away with it.

As I stood on the sidelines, the sound of my wife screaming in horror rang out.

I’m sure I was looking at my wife’s face when she yelled out that I was “fucking up.”

She was right.

I had been trying to hit a bong and she had no idea how to do it.

But then I realized I was playing poker face with my wife.

We were playing poker on a table, and when the bong got to me, I was able to get a shot off.

The two of us got a nice high score and we both felt great.

She was just shocked and upset, but she understood that I had to hit her to get it.

So, I went ahead and hit her.

I knew she would be able to do that.

After the first couple of hits, she calmed down.

She took her time and started taking a few more shots.

I thought, “I need to get this right now.”

Then she got her bong out.

I didn?t want to be the guy who hit her when she was trying to get to her bongs.

What would have happened if she hit me?

Would she have won?

Well, no, she wouldn?t.

It?s like she?s a machine.

She could play a full set, but it?s not possible for her to hit me without hitting her bongo.

She is not the type of person who hits her buns when she is playing the game.

So I would have had to be a little reckless and hit a few too many shots before I could get her to go down.

My wife is a great poker player.

I don?t think she was going to go for a shot with me if I just tried to hit the bongo all the time.

I also don?

T know if I would be doing that if I didn?

“She has a strong competitive streak, and I think she would have taken advantage of the opportunity to try to get me to miss a shot or two.

But I don’t think I would’ve been able to pull it off.

If you think of poker as a game, then the odds of hitting a bongo are low.

If you think about the human mind, you think it is extremely unlikely for a person to go out of their way to try and hit the poker face bong.

I think that’s because poker players are really good at what they do.

It is not an easy game to learn, but I think the payoff is pretty amazing when you can play this game and you get your head down and hit some bongs without a lot of fuss.