Why I went to the Poke Company in Omaha: What I learned from the people there

The Poke Company opened its doors in Omaha in November 1879.

It was an experiment in how businesses could take a traditional restaurant model and bring it to a new market.

Nowadays, the Poke business model has been replicated on more than one level across the country.

The restaurant was a success, but it was also a challenge.

I came from an old-fashioned family, so when I first saw the restaurant, it was something new and new and it was a little overwhelming for me to be in the middle of this new world.

When I first opened it, I was a bit nervous.

But I did my best.

Poke has become a staple in Omaha’s dining scene.

The owner and his son have been running the restaurant for the past 40 years.

When you’re opening a restaurant, you don’t know what you’re going to have for lunch, dinner, and dinner service.

You want to make sure it’s going to be a good lunch, and a good dinner, but you also want to have something for the weekend.

And I think the thing that you learn from the customers is the kind of people you want to be.

That’s the first thing I would like to tell you about the customers.

They were so welcoming.

They had a lot of fun.

It’s a very special experience for me, I’ll tell you that.

If you’ve never been to the poke shop, you probably won’t have much of a clue what the Poke company is.

It is a little bit like a Poke restaurant.

But you have to try to imagine it.

You go to the store.

You walk in.

You buy something.

You order something.

Then you go home.

The customer is in the back of the store and is very quiet and very polite.

He doesn’t say anything to you.

He’s not even in the line.

And when you go back to the restaurant and you say hello to the owner, he looks at you and he smiles at you.

He has the Poke logo on his coat pocket.

And it’s a poke coat.

There are two guys behind the counter who are also employees.

He wears a Poke hat and he has a Poke shirt.

And the customer says hello to them.

Then he hands you a little card.

It says, “Poke is a very nice company.”

The customers say, “Oh, we’re glad you like us,” and they give you some money.

The customers are very polite and very nice to you, too.

The owner is also a guy.

He goes by the name of Jim, and he’s a big guy.

And he looks like a real old-timey-type guy.

I’ve never seen a man of his stature in my life.

He was kind of a little weird.

He had a beard.

I didn’t see a beard on him, but he was not very muscular.

And I saw that I liked him a lot.

He said, “I want to come here every day.”

So I took a job there, and I went there for lunch.

And then we went back to work the next day.

Jim and his wife worked for me for three weeks.

He didn’t make much money.

He gave me a little money.

I gave him some money to give me a new car.

Then I got another job, and we worked for a little while.

But he never had any money.

But when we opened the Poke, it didn’t have a name.

So I decided to give it a name that was not tied to a particular business.

I said, Why don’t I name it something else?

I thought, Well, I want to do something with the word “pokestop.”

I just thought, Oh, I’m going to try and give the name a little more personality.

My wife and I were kind of on our own, but I said to Jim, Why do you need money?

I said: I’m just doing my job, Jim.

He replied, I know, you’re a nice guy.

You’re doing a good job.

So we said, Oh.


We said, We’ll give you a free lunch, Jim, because we love you.

You get a free meal.

You pay for the lunch, you get a check for that lunch.

I just don’t want to pay for lunch at the Poke.

It would be really bad for me.

I don’t think Jim would accept it.

So, we said to him, You’ve done a good thing, and you’re getting paid for your work.

So he said, I think you’ve done something right.

So that’s what we called the Poke store.

And we were very proud of the name.

I always thought that the Poke was a very cool name, but we decided to