Poker player takes a jab at poker players

The poker player took a jab Friday at a group of poker players who have made headlines recently after a tweet that said “Poker is for suckers.”

The tweet was posted Friday at 8:22 p.m. by one of the players on the #PokerIsForSuckers Facebook page.

The players were discussing the popularity of poker in Hawaii, where the average monthly income is $12,000 and gambling is banned.

One player responded, “If you can’t get the truth out there that there’s no profit in poker, you’re a suckers.

I guess the truth is that there is a lot of suckers out there.”

Another replied, “The reality is that the world is full of suckars and we all have a part in sucking them.”

The players responded that they were talking about themselves and that they didn’t know what to make of the comment.

“I’m sorry if you thought this was a good joke, but you should know that this isn’t the first time a Hawaiian has tweeted this type of thing,” Poker Stars’ Mark Rees said.

“I think we’re all going to have to learn from the last one,” PokerStars’ John Vigna said.

“I hope he doesn’t regret this.

It was a great joke and we were all very happy to see it.”

PokerStars’ Mark Rizzo, who was also in attendance, told reporters, “We’re all on the same page, all of us love poker and we just had a blast talking to these guys.

We appreciate their hard work.”

Rees said he has not heard back from PokerStars and will not comment on whether the tweet was a joke or not.

Poker stars’ online poker site has no commenting rules. spokeswoman Stephanie Flanders said the players are not involved in the poker business.