Aussie player wins a world title on a Paddleboard

The first Australian man to win a world championship on a paddleboard, has revealed how he won the prestigious title by outsmarting his opponents.

In a gripping, two-minute video, Australian professional Kevin Tugendhat revealed his harrowing victory at the 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP) on Tuesday.

He won the tournament by outrunning his opponents on a massive wave which took him to the finals of the $100,000 event, a tournament he was aiming to win in two years.

Tugendhyas final wave landed in a river, where he took on a team of five players in the final.

He beat the competition to win $100 million ($90.3 million, €77.5 million, £70 million).

The video shows Tugenhat, who played for his father Paul Tug, racing across the river, with his paddleboard in his hand, trying to avoid a wave that crashed down on the paddling platform.

Tuge, who won the world title in 2015, has been surfing and competing for over 20 years.

In the video, he said he was “a little nervous” when he first took to the waves.

“When I started I had a lot of questions.

I was like, ‘why is there a paddle board?’,” he said.”

I had a really good feeling and I knew it was something special.”

Tugenhath won the $40,000 ($32,800, €24,000, £20,000) World Series at the end of May.

He has since won the US$150,000 (£95,000).

In the footage, Tugenhats victory is seen as a significant victory for the paddler community, which has been vocal about the sport’s negative effects on its players.

But some of the paddlers’ main criticisms have been met with silence.