A look back at the best and worst poker tables in Omaha, Nebraska

Poker tables in the Omaha area are the stuff of legend.

The tables were built by locals, they’re loved by fans and locals, and they’ve become the focus of countless gaming forums and articles, including this one.

But they can also be frustrating to play, especially if you don’t know how to play.

Here are some of our favorite poker tables of all time, in honor of the tables that have stood the test of time.1.

The Monte Carlo table, owned by James T. Miller, who died in 2000.

A table that started life as a table for poker enthusiasts in the mid-1950s, the Monte Carlo is still in use in some of Omaha’s most prestigious poker clubs.

The table has been in use since at least 1955, and its design has been tweaked a few times over the years.2.

The $20,000 table, located on the west side of the old St. Joseph Hotel, owned and operated by James Miller.

A massive piece of the gaming landscape in Omaha in the 1980s, this table was one of the first to offer tables of this caliber.

It was a hit and the St. Joe, which is now the home of the Omaha Arena, became a favorite place to play poker at.3.

The £50,000 Table, owned, operated, and managed by Joe Smith.

This table is a great example of the design team taking their design cues from other famous tables.

This is one of Smith’s favorite tables and has been played in numerous tournaments.4.

The €100,000-per-table-tour-table, owned/managed by Jeff Leach.

This was a tour table, and the one that made the Guinness Book of World Records in 2011 as the biggest tour table in the world.

The first table to offer that was built by a local company called The House of Leach and Sons.

This tour table was the first of its kind, and was the only tour table to be sold in the U.S. in 2015.5.

The ’40s Tour Table, located in the old Old Main Street Cafe, owned in 1921 by the same company that sold the original Tour Table.

This beautiful and unique table is now owned by Jeff and Jill Anderson, and it was one the first tables to offer the “old Main Street” dining experience.6.

The “Big Daddy” Tour Table (1932), owned by Tom Stroud.

This unique tour table has served as a favorite for decades, and we love it so much that we’ve written an entire book about it.

This famous table is one that is still being used in the state of Nebraska.7.

The Big Daddy Tour Table from 1932, owned for the first time by George and Nancy Mays.

This classic tour table that was a first for the state has remained in operation ever since.

It is still one of our favorites.8.

The King of the Hill Tour Table at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, owned & operated by Jerry and Pam Pritchard.

This legendarily massive table was originally built by Jerry Pritchers father, and has remained on the same tour table ever since his death.

It remains one of Pritches favorite poker games, and is often used as a starting point for his next round of games.9.

The Stoker’s Table, a unique table that is located in an old house on the campus of the University at Lincoln.

The only one of its type to be owned by a single person, it is one the only tables in Nebraska to have been built by two people.

This particular tour table is very popular among Omaha poker fans and is now a popular location for poker tournaments.10.

The Poker Table of the Century, owned during the Great Depression by John Galt.

Galt is known as the father of Omaha poker, and this is the only table to ever have been designed by him.

The Galt’s original table was sold in 1936, and still plays a huge role in Omaha’s history as a place to come and play poker.11.

The Omaha Bar and Grill, a table owned by George H. Smith, Jr. The bar and grill at the Omaha Bar & Grill was named after George Smith Jr. and he was an avid poker player from the beginning.

This bar and lounge has a rich history in Omaha.

This restaurant was one that was open to the public until 1937, when the owners closed it down.12.

The Tivoli Room, a classic Omaha bar that was the scene of the legendary poker match between Jerry Tivolo and David Tivolino.

This room was once a popular place to party, and now is an area that holds many special events.

The legendary poker game is played at the bar every Thursday night, and many locals play the game in the room.13.

The Great Depression Tour Table located on Main Street in the historic Hotel Indigo, owned with the proceeds of a local