When a man falls in love with his girlfriend and they’re both poker players

When a guy falls in like that, the world is a bit different.

He’s a professional poker player, and that’s the best way to describe him.

He is also a poker player.

I mean, if you were to sit down and play a game of poker with him and you’re both really good at it, you’d have a pretty good shot of winning.

He is, at least, a great poker player and has some great stories to tell about the game.

What is it about poker that makes it such a wonderful experience for both the players and the audience?

Well, I think it’s the fact that there’s such a low bar.

I think poker is a very difficult game to master and that there are people who are very good at doing it and very good players who are not at that level.

I do think that, in the poker world, the level of skill and the difficulty of the game is very high, and it’s a very good way to see the world.

But you also have a lot of players that are good at playing and who are really good people.

You have a bunch of people who want to get into poker and do it for a living and who really want to keep the game going and enjoy it.

That’s why, if I were to go out and get married, I’d probably want my wife to play poker, too.

That’s probably what the game has always been for, isn’t it?

The poker world.

So the idea that, when you’re a professional player, that you’re not going to be able to do it is not an easy thing for any human being to accept, isn`t it?

It`s a very tough world out there.

It was an interesting question, because I think we were really trying to find something interesting in there, was what you were saying.

I really wanted to get away from that topic.

I want to go to a nice restaurant and play poker.

I`m really into that sort of thing.

And I thought that that might be a little more interesting to people, especially people who don`t go out to dinner.

I think that`s why we did that, and I think that was really important for us to say.

What we wanted to do was really dive into the topic of poker and really get to the bottom of why poker is such a great game, and the answer to that is, obviously, it`s because of the games structure.

It`ll be fun to go there, but I don`s really know what to expect.

What I do know is that the game`s structure is very similar to a chess game.

The goal of chess is to get to a certain position, and if you`re not going there, you`ll lose.

In poker, if there`s not a certain amount of money to play, it doesn`t matter if you win or lose, you just lose.

You lose money to get there, and you`ve got to make a decision on whether to play or not to play.

And the game structure in chess is really, really similar to poker.

The thing is that in chess, if your opponent wins, he`ll take a piece and he`s going to take it to the king.

You`re really playing with your life in the balance.

In the poker game, you have to make that decision whether to stay at home and watch the game or go out, go to the bar and watch a little bit of the action.

It really is like chess in that sense.

I don’t think people have to worry about being a loser or being a winner in poker.

The players can do whatever they want.

I just think that in poker, you are playing with a little amount of the cards, a little chunk of the chips, a piece of your life on the line, and then you`m making a decision whether or not you`d like to stay home and just watch the action or whether you` should go out there and get your own chips and go play.

You know, there`ve been people who`ve gotten really good poker players who have gotten into the game, but they haven`t really done the work to become really good players.

That`s kind of the point of the structure of the poker table.

So that is what I mean when I said that the poker players are very similar in the way they play.

It is just a matter of whether or a lot more work is involved than the chess players.

The other thing that I thought was really interesting was the way that, even though it is a chess board, it is still really simple.

There are a lot less things on it.

You just sit down, you sit down with your cards, you roll the dice and you make your decision.

In a chess match, there are a bunch more moves,