Hocus Pocus is about to hit a new generation of Pokemon trainers

By Kate HodgeSource Business Insider | January 27, 2019 04:18:13hocus poke me!

is about 15 minutes old.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Twitter this week, and on a number of different forums and chat rooms.

I’m also a huge fan of Hocus Poke Me, which is a Pokemon game with a new Pokemon trainer in it called Hocus.

The game is a mash-up of the Pokemon games of yesteryear and Pokémon GO, where players capture Pokemon and catch trainers in the wild.

Hocus is the first game to take the idea of the trainer and the trainer’s catch, and it looks like it will be one of the most exciting Pokemon titles of all time.

The new Pokemon trainers in Hocus poke you through the game’s main story arc, where you must capture trainers in a variety of environments to unlock their respective badges.

The Hocus trainer, who is called ‘Mushroom’, has been one of my favourite Pokémon ever since I played the first Hocus on my iPhone in 2015.

He was one of those ‘futuristic’ Pokemon, with a long, spiky tail that you could catch by spinning your head around, which makes him look like a Pokemon from another dimension.

I wanted to play this game for a while.

But, alas, I couldnt.

I was stuck on a desert planet, and couldn’t even get close enough to capture him, so I ended up giving up on it.

Then I found out that I am not alone in my inability to capture ‘Mublu’ – a new and entirely new trainer who I am trying to catch.

‘Muba’ is a new character in Hșpespirit’s game.

In this game, the new trainer, named ‘Munch’, has a very different look and personality.

It’s a very cute guy with a lot of personality, and I wanted him to be the next trainer.

The Munch in Hǐșpirits game looks a lot like a guy named Muba, but it’s also very different.

Munch is the leader of a group of ‘bunnies’, or Pokemon, who live in a mysterious place called ‘the city’.

Munch has a lot to say about his ‘bunny’s’ existence, and how it came to be.

I have no idea what that city is.

But I am sure it has something to do with something called the Pokemon Lab.

Munch’s ‘bunnie’s’ are an intelligent species, but they do not have the strength to fight in a real battle.

Instead, they are sent out into the wild to help other creatures, and to find new and exotic items.

As the story progresses, you discover the truth about these ‘buns’ and their mysterious world.

The bunnies are also a threat, and their presence in the city is a sign that something terrible is going to happen.

I want to play HȚpespiant for a long time, and the Munch story is going be the one I want played most.

The developers of Hȝpespīt poke me have said that this is one of their favourite Pokemon titles.

The HȞespītic series has been in development for the last five years, and HȜpespít was the first Pokemon game to be released in North America in 2016.

It has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Hȝpeižs new trainer has a new look, and a new voice.

The Munch character is voiced by the legendary voice actor Paul Walker, and looks exactly like him.

Mūn is a very energetic and friendly Pokemon, and even plays a little bit like him in some of the animations.

I think I’ll be happy to play Munch for a very long time.

Hȟpespius game has been called “one of the best Pokemon games” by many.