Why do people love the world of poker?

In this week’s edition of the WSJ’s Poker Machine and Casino series, we explore the psychology behind the love of poker and the rise of a new breed of online poker players.

In a WSJ feature called “How to play poker,” writer David Pogue explores the psychology of online gambling and explains how he got started playing poker.

Here are some of the articles in this week: The story of poker: David Pique writes about the history of the world’s most popular game, and why it’s so much fun to play.

The history of online casino gaming: Chris Dickson explores the history and future of online casinos.

A world without internet poker: This article from the WSJD explores the possible future of the poker industry.

How to win: David says “How” and “why” is the key to winning.

What makes people love poker: Dave explains why people love it.

Poker Machine and Gaming, a series of articles about online poker, includes stories about the latest poker machines, poker tables and the poker machines themselves.