Poker players on their hands

Players at the World Poker Tour are facing off against each other for the right to play the world’s highest-stakes poker game in their home country.

The World Poker Series has been on the cards since 2005 and has attracted millions of fans to the big cities across the globe.

The tournament is held in the US, where the prize money is higher than in Australia, where it is usually just $10,000.

The event is held on a weekly basis and is played on the largest screens in the world.

The players play against eachother from six- to eight-person teams and compete against each others in a round robin style tournament.

In the event of a tie for the best player, all players play the next best player in their respective pool of four, and so on.

The players play a series of rounds until the winner is declared the winner of the tournament.

The top eight players of each pool are then separated into two groups and play each other in a single-elimination playoff.

The format is that the two best teams from each group advance to the finals and play in a best-of-three final to determine who gets the prize pool of $25,000, and who is knocked out.

The first-ever World Poker tour finals will take place on July 11.

In a previous incarnation of the event, in 2014, it was held at the same venue in Melbourne.