Poker chip forum posts image of ‘poke’ on poker face

A poker face has been removed from an online poker forum after a user posted it to the popular poker chip forum

The image has since been removed and the thread has been closed.

The image of a poker chip was posted to, a popular poker forum, on Sunday.

It showed a picture of a man holding a poker face with the words “poke sauce” on the chip, with a small picture of the chip and an image of the poker face underneath.

It prompted the user to post the image to poke, a forum for the online poker community.

“It is really funny that I am posting this,” the post read.

“What is this poke sauce?”

“I’ve been trying to find out what it is, so I might as well have it for you to poke at.”

The image of poke sauce has since gone viral on the popular forum, which has been popular with poker players in recent years.

“There’s a lot of poker players who are really into this.

A lot of people are just really into it,” said James Tipton, who runs a poker forum for players called PokerTalk.”

People are just trying to make a bit of money, get a bit better at the game.”

The poker chip is a type of poker chip that uses a special blend of chemicals to make it harder to crack.

It has been used for years to fight chip injuries.

Poker chips are often played on tables with the same set of cards in a poker hand.

A poker chip has a number of features including a hole on the front and a hole in the back, which make it difficult to crack and allow players to play the game for hours.

The chips are made by using a special type of chemical called paregoric acid, which is also used in cosmetics and toothpaste.

It is used to seal up the chip so it can’t be cracked.

“The reason people use it is because it can make chips hard to crack, so if they have chips in their hands, they can just go and use it as they are,” Mr Tiptons said.

“It can’t really be cracked with a chip in their hand.”

Poke has been a favourite of poker fans for years.

Last year, poker players posted images of a chip on a popular online forum.

The forum was deleted but the image was archived by users on the poker forum.

A message was left with the forum administrator, but no response has been received.

A user who answered the forum asking about the chip said it was “probably the best chip ever”.

“The original image has been taken down.

I just want you to know it is a very special chip, but you have to be very careful when using it,” the user wrote.”

I hope you can find it.”