How to play poker hands chart

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PENALTY RULING – FACEIT:Penalties are a major part of poker games.

If the game is not fair, the player who committed the infraction could lose their chips and be penalised.

PUNISHMENT:The following penalties apply:• The losing player will lose a maximum of 1-6 chips.• The winning player will get a maximum 1-3 chips, plus a minimum of 1 chip.• If the losing player is not in the main draw of a table or table game and has been on the table for an entire session, the losing players chips will be deducted from his total.

The losing players must be in a table to be penalized.• All players with an infraction will be disqualified from future sessions.• There is no penalty for losing a hand at the hands table.• Penalties are cumulative, so if the game was not fair at the hand table, a player could lose all his chips and lose all the chips.

If an infractor does not have enough chips to start a new session, he will be penalzed for the rest of the session.

If a player has lost the last chips and has not been able to start his next session, a penalty will be added to the next session’s total.

If no penalty is added, a minimum punishment is added to any subsequent session.

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