How to make hula fish at home

Hula fish, which can grow to a length of up to 2 metres, are prized by Japanese chefs for their delicate, slightly flaky texture.

However, the hula-like fish is often difficult to make at home, and most Japanese restaurants will not sell you the delicacy.

But one small chain, Pokkuri, has come up with a way to make the dish.

The restaurant’s menu item, called hula jibun, has the kanji for “jibun” meaning “fish”.

The menu item comes with an appetiser and a dish called hūmu (林責) which includes an assortment of fish, including squid, crab, squid, octopus, mussels, and sardines.

It’s basically a fish curry.

A Pokkuris menu item called húmu comes with two different types of hula, according to the restaurant.

The first is the standard hula recipe which includes a variety of cuts and textures, but the second is called the “fish curry”.

The restaurant serves hula curry for $12 per person.

The menu item hula koshin is available at Pokkura restaurants for $10 per person or $11 for two people.