Ahi tuna pokébowl is coming to Next Big Tomorrow!

Japanese food blogger Ayi Yamada has shared a new photo of the Ahi Tuna Pokebowl, a dish that she says will be coming to the Next Big World.

Yamada shared the photo on her Instagram page with the caption “Ahi Tua Pokebowl is about to come to NextBig tomorrow.”

According to Yamada, the AHI Tuna Pokébowl will be a poke bowl with chicken or fish fillet in it.

She shared a video of the dish with fans last year.

Ahi Tamago, the Japanese dish of a fish with the kanji for “egg” and “tuna,” is popular in Japan and has been in popularity for years.

The Next Big Food website, NextBigFood.com, also posted a photo of a new menu for the dish on its website.

The menu includes the Aahi Tamago and a new version of the Tamago dish, which Yamada said she is cooking with fish fillets in the poke bowl.

“I wanted to make the dish for NextBig today, so I decided to make a tamago that I can prepare in my poke bowl,” Yamada told Next Big Today.

“So I thought, I will make this with fish and eggs in the same bowl and make this Tamago recipe.”

According in the menu, Next Big Foods will offer the Tamagohashi Tamago (salt-filled tamago), which is also known as Tamago Tamago or Tamago Sake.

The tamago is served with rice or soup and rice, with a variety of other toppings.

Next Big Food also has a new, exclusive, limited edition, One Piece merchandise, which includes the One Piece Dress Shoes and One Piece Hat.

The One Piece Hats were released last month.