When you lose poker hands and have to ask your partner for help

Hey, buddy.

That was a good one.

Now we need to go on the road and make some cash.

What else are you up to?

I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I figured you could do something fun with a bunch of friends and some money to play poker and stuff.

So we go to a restaurant, sit down and play a little roulette, and that’s when we realize, oh, our hands are really bad and we need some help.

We’re like, “What are you doing?

We need to ask for help.”

We’re talking to each other about poker, and we get on the phone with our friends and they say, “I have a lot of bad hands.”

And we’re like “What do you mean?”

They’re like—we’re talking about how we lost, and the phone rings.

“We need help.”

And it’s just me and my buddy sitting around and talking.

I’m like, I think we can get through this.

We get on Skype, and I’m telling them I’m going to have to go play.

They’re just like, We need help.

And I’m just like like, Wait, that’s a lot to ask.

And they’re like like “I think you should just go play and help yourself, and if you do it for a while, we’ll get you better hands.”

So, I get on that phone and they’re all like, Oh, my God, we need help, buddy, that really helped.

And that’s how I started this business.

I’ve got to be like, Well, you can’t have a poker hand unless you’re really good.

You need to be able to beat people with your poker face.

So I’m not going to say that I’m bad.

I think I’m good.

But it takes a lot for me to go and win a game.

And you know, I got some bad hands, too.

So, we go out to the street and I go, I have a bad poker hand, and my partner’s like, Hey, you know what?

You need help from us.

He said, “Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you can get better.”

And I was like, Sure, I can help you out.

And then I’m doing it for like an hour and a half, and he’s like “No, no, no.

You’re not getting better.

It’s not going your way.

It just doesn’t work for you.”

So I call my friend and he said, Oh yeah, that sounds good, buddy!

So we do it a couple more times, and they call me up and I said, Hey buddy, we can just sit here and talk about it.

And he’s just like “Oh, we don’t want to do it.”

And then, when he’s not on the call, he goes, “No!

We need money for this.”

So we just sit around and talk and I keep saying, Oh man, this is crazy, buddy—you need help!

So I finally get it.

I can play the best poker hands.

And my buddy’s like—I was just trying to do the best I can, but then I start thinking about what would it be like to be on the other side.

So he said he’s going to make a little money.

So then I think, I should just quit.

But then I have this conversation with my friend who’s also playing and he says, “Hey buddy, I played the best hands I could, and it was way better than your hand, but you need help?”

And I said—oh, shit.

I said “No.”

And he was like “You know, if you want to play better, just go to another table.”

And that was it.

That’s when I started to think that maybe I could actually do something for the poker community.

And so, I just decided that I had to start this business, and now I’m the first person to ever start a poker poker hand.

I hope this inspires people to do something.

You know, this stuff could have been a lot better, and a lot easier, but it’s all worth it.