Pokemon: ‘We’re still waiting on an invitation from the Indian government to go to India’

We are waiting for an invitation to go and play Pokemon in India.

That’s what I said when I said that.

The only thing I have to say is, “Go ahead, get an invitation”.

But it’s going to take time.

We have to wait for an Indian government invitation to come.

We will be playing in the end.

The Pokemon League, which was set up by the Indian gaming regulator, the IT & Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, was set to start in December, with the first match scheduled for March 15.

But the Indian cricket board, which is in charge of the tournament, said on Monday that it had not received a response from the IT&TRA, which has said it will invite the tournament organisers.

Pokemon was first released in Japan in 1995.

The franchise is now owned by Nintendo and runs games for iOS and Android.