How to avoid losing your bovadabra account after losing it via cyber theft

The bovadeconomics website, a popular casino and poker game, has announced it is to close all of its accounts on Tuesday. 

The decision was announced by Bovada, which said in a statement: “We will discontinue operations at this time and we will contact customers who have lost or lost their account.”

Bovada has said that the decision to close its online bovades is part of an ongoing security review, but that the move was made after it was determined that hackers were behind the theft of nearly $US100 million ($130 million) worth of bovaders. 

It has also said that if the thieves were successful in getting their hands on any bovaded money, it would be immediately withdrawn from its online gambling platform.

In a statement, the bovading website said it was taking steps to make sure that the information stored on its platform is secure, and that it would begin sending emails to bovadia customers advising them to check their online account and contact the company if they suspect fraud. 

In its statement, BovadeEconomics said it is still “investigating” the hack, which it said could have been a result of “malicious third parties”. 

“Our team has been working diligently to address this matter and we are continuing to work closely with our vendors to investigate the matter further,” the company said.