WSOP $1.2 million pot bonus is up after WSOP loss

PokerStars has announced a $1 million pot bonuses after its last loss to WSOP online champion, the PGA Championship.

In total, WSOP has received $2.3 million in pot bonuses this year, up from $2 million the previous season.

PokerStars had a record $7.4 million in the pot bonus pot, including $3.3m in its previous season, which included a $3 million winner’s bonus.

The PGA has been the WSOP’s biggest winner so far this season with $1,500,000, and is also in a tie for second with $750,000.

It was also the largest pot bonus of the season with a $250,000 pot bonus, which was shared between top three finishers.

The PGA and WSOP are expected to share another $1m pot bonus in the coming days.

PokerStars also announced a new partnership with the PGC, which will give players the opportunity to use a live online feed from the PGTG’s online poker room.

The partnership with PokerStars is expected to launch later this year.

The partnership will also allow poker players to use PokerStars as a sponsor for live events.

Pokerstars has partnered with PGTGs online poker rooms to provide live live streaming, poker software and online tournaments, PokerStars said.