What to do if you see an adorable, furry pokemon in your neighbourhood?

A little poke cake and a little poke tikis on the counter are a good start for any Pokemon fan.

But this particular poke cake is a little more unique, as it has been decorated to look like a Pikachu and a Pokemaniac.

The cake, made by poketiki, has Pikachu and the Pokemania logo on it.

The Pokemon’s face has been modified so that it looks like a dog.

The Poketiki poke cake decorator told CBC News that she has a lot of fun with it.

She said it is actually an easy one to make.

Pikachu has a very specific personality and that is something that the people that work at the poketikis do a lot for us, she said.

So, she made a Pikachu-themed cake to celebrate the Pokemon’s 50th birthday and to celebrate her favorite character.

“This cake is for me and my friends who love Pokemon and we love that it has Pikachu,” said Poketiri.

She says that the cake is inspired by the Pikachu that is in the show “Pokémon: The Animation.”

“I think the cake represents all of the different Pikachu types, which are a bit different from each other, so I wanted it to reflect that,” she said with a laugh.

She even created the Pokemon cake to look similar to Pikachu’s face.

“I just wanted to create something that could be used for any Pikachu cake,” said her colleague.

She explained that it is the same concept that is used in her poketika line of products.

The cakes also come with the Poketiki logo on them, which makes it easy to find and take to the shop to buy.

But for some people, the Pokemon is a bit of a novelty.

“The cake has Pikachu’s name written on it but that’s not really Pikachu,” she told CBC.

“That’s just me.

I didn’t want to get creative and do a Pikachu cake.”

Pikapokia cakes have been popping up on store shelves around the world.

So far, they have been available for $20 on Amazon.

A couple of months ago, a couple of people got in touch to say they have had trouble finding their cakes online.