Poker player who killed her girlfriend has been sentenced to two years in jail for ‘honour killing’

A poker player has been jailed for two years after killing her girlfriend and dumping her body in a river.

Maguire Tane, 28, who pleaded guilty to murder last year, stabbed her to death at her home in Ballina, Queensland, on September 23, 2016.

Tane admitted the killing of her 27-year-old girlfriend, Jodie, after a dispute about their relationship.

Maguaire Tanes wife Jodies husband in court for ‘murder’ Maguire’s brother-in-law and the former wife of a friend, Richard Fong, both pleaded guilty at the Brisbane Magistrates Court to assisting Maguires murder.

Magusine Tane pleaded guilty on the same day.

Magues wife, Jody, pleaded guilty last year after her husband stabbed her.

Jodie Maguiring told the court she and her friend Richard Fongs were in a relationship for a year before Maguired started dating Maguiri.

Magueire was initially arrested and charged with murder but the charges were later dropped.

Maguanires brother-ins-law, Richard Tait, told Maguiris court he would have to go to court for a pre-sentence report.

Maguiires father, John Maguiries, said his sister would be an “icon” in the community.

“My sister, she’s going to be a legend,” he said.

“She’s going, she’ll be an icon in our community.”

He said Jodiette’s family would be devastated by Maguira’s death.

Maguanaire had been living with her parents in Ballinas Bay for three years before her death.

She had moved to Ballina to live with her mother and brother, and had lived in the home with her two other brothers and sister.